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Bishop T. Keith Hicks

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Pastor Hicks was born in Marion, South Carolina the third child of Tommy and Willa Hicks. He has two brothers and two sisters. As of 8/14/17 he has 6 newphews, 6 neices and 2 great neices. He is the Maternal grandson of Pauline Cook & WH Moore Sr of Marion and Paternal grandson of Elizebeth Collins & Thurman Williamson of Marion.

Pastor Hicks takes great pleasure in learing of his family histroy. He has found that he has had six preachers (grandfrathers and uncles) before him. He is now 3rd Generation Church of God.

He was raised along side of his wife in Lake View Pentecostal Holiness Church but for various reasonings the Moore family relocated to the Mullins Church of God. After Pastor Hicks and Kaye were married they begin to work as Youth Pastor's under the direction of Pastor Scott Shirley. Pastor Hicks with his wife by his side went through the internship and took their first church in Branchville, SC.

Pastor Hicks and his family have pastor in several places across this state but there passion for the lost and God has never waviered. They have always deseried to see the lost saved at any cost.

As of 8/14/17 Pastor Hicks has 3 children of his own: Caleb Stuart, MaKayla Dawn and Kayse Diane. Hillary Kaye, who is actally Kaye's cousin they adopted in 2009 is their daughter in every other way that matters. 

Pastor Hicks said they had two other young men who stayed with us for about 4-5 years. 

Pastor Hicks said his desire is just to be a vessel of honor and used for God's glory!


Areas of Ministry: I have served as church custodian, Sunday school teacher, music director, youth pastor, evangelist and now pastor.

My Family: Bottom Left to Right: Justin Johnson standing next to his wife, our adopted daugther, Hillary Kaye Cox Johnson, our middle child, MaKayla Dawn Hicks standing next to our baby girl, Kayse Dianne Hicks. Tara Jade, our first born wife's is standing beside her and then there is him, Caleb Stuart Hicks, beside Caleb is Tyquann Bush another young man we raised for over 6 years. 

Top L-R: First Lady Kaye Sasser Hicks standing beside the Bishop and he is holding their first grandson (of Caleb and Tara) Mason Stuart Hicks, beside the Bishop is Kaye's father, Charles Sasser.

Since this picture we know have two more grandson's: Gavin Cole by Caleb & Tara - Jayden Anthony by Hillary and Justin

Educational Background: Graduated from Marion High School in 1994, internship from Lee University

Previous Lines of Work: My first job was a bust boy and hostess at Dry Dock in Mullins, SC. I was only 14 years old. I went from there to Winn Dixie to Wal Mart and became the youngest Department Manager in company history (at that time). I was still in High School. I left there and started working at Blumenthal Mills in Marion, SC. I started as an Inspector but become Administrative Assistant to President of Textile. I never worked a public job again until I pastored at Calhoun Falls, as Substitute Teacher and then Temporary Office Manager.

Family: I came from a family of 5 kids. I have two brothers and two sisters and I am the knee baby. :) My mom was the 16th and final child of same parents. My dad was one of four. Kaye and I grew up in church together and I married her when I was 5 and then for real on October 29, 1994 right after high school. God has blessed us with three wonderful children: Caleb Stuart, MaKayla Dawn and Kayse Dianne. We lost our first baby before we could find out what we were having along with everything after the first shower in a house fire. Caleb is now married and we have a wonderful daughter, Tara Jade and together God has blessed them with our first grandson, Mason Stuart in which we now have another, Gavin Cole. Hillary has married Justin Johnson and gave us our 3rd grandson, Jayden Anthony. 

Kaye and I have 6 newphews, 6 neices and 2 great neices. 

One of the Things I Strongly Believe: If you be faithful to God, He will be faithful to you. And as far as those who faught in the faith before us, WHEN WE DO WHAT THEY DID, WE WILL SEE WHAT THEY SAW!

What I like to do when I am not working: I like to watch movies, work in the yard and spend time with my family and my grand baby.

Music:  Mostly Southern Gospel, Praise and Worship, Dolly Parton, Reba and Kenny G


Books: Bible

Author: James

Food: Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Rice & Gravy and Biscuits

Snack Food: Christmas Tree Cakes

Restaurant: Country Buffet

Movies: True Stories

TV Shows: Suspense

Time of Day: Evening

Season: Fall

Place in the World: Beach

Place to Pray: Porch/Beach


Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16

Three People I'd Like to Meet other than Heavenly People: Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire and Rosa Nillian

My Hero: Is my son, Caleb S Hicks, he could have chose to be anybody in the world but he chose to be an American Soldier. He has made a pledge to defend this country everyday. Everyday I have to live with the fact that 'abnormal' could happen but I know God is in control. Ever since my son was little I knew God had a call on his life and now his mother and I can see it in effect. It was prophesied over him, "that many would be changed by his voice." No doubt, my son is my hero.

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: There have been so many that I would not know where to begin. I have seen God heal right before my eyes. I know what I saw. I know the power of pentecost.

Most People Don't Know This About Me: I am scared of water and heights.